Amphibioscapes proposes a resilient new development for Far Rockaway, New York City that hybridizes conditions of land and water to maximize opportunities for water infiltration. Utilizing green roofs, stormwater catchment systems, and a wastewater treatment plant, the blurred edges of development and water build greater resilience to storm surges and flooding.


About group projects

Claire Napawan is a landscape architect, urban designer, and academic who has designed and studied urban environments for over 10 years. She is an associate professor in the Department of Human Ecology at UC Davis and co-founder of the design collaborative, Group Projects. Her research and creative work includes co-design methodologies to achieve community resilience to climate change. Examples of her design and research include: Smart Sidewalks, the winning proposal for Reinventing Payphones in New York City, which seeks to address the digital divide and improve urban environmental resilience; #OurChangingClimate, a research and design project that broadens and diversifies climate conversations; FOGWASTE, a public art installation that seeks to bring greater awareness of San Jose’s vital infrastructures to local communities; and Unlocking Alameda Creek, a selected proposal for the Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge that looks at unlocking flows of sediment, people, and fish. These projects represent award-wining proposals, commissioned by local municipalities, and/or exhibited at notable venues throughout the U.S. Claire currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area; she is an associate professor within the Department of Human Ecology at the University of California Davis and co-founder of the non-profit design collaborative, group projects. She holds advanced degrees from Washington University in St. Louis’ School of Architecture and Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design.

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