The Alameda Creek Atlas

Napawan_Snyder - Figure 2

The Alameda Creek Atlas is a participatory tool that community members can use to access their resources (including public access of the creek itself) and decision makers can use to understand more diverse conceptualizations of vulnerability and resilience in the region.  It includes opportunities to clearly communicate existing conceptualizations of the watershed (in English, Mandarin, and Spanish), as revealed by Public Sediment’s research and design processes. Layered with our teams’ discoveries of the watershed, we have included community members’ understanding of the place, expressed through creative making, narrative, and participatory mapping conducted during the Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge. Coupled together, the Atlas repesents a more dynamic model for understanding the socio-ecological complexities of place and people. Most importantly, the Atlas is a community building tool: highlighting existing community connections and encouraging new ones. We believe these connections are the best strategy for building community resilience to climate impacts

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